2024 / 06 / 13
Lithuania has ratified the Cape Town Convention
Today, the Lithuanian Parliament has ratified the Convention on International Interests Related to Mobile Equipment (the Convention) and its Protocol on Matters Related to Aircraft Equipment (the Protocol), adopted in 2001. November 16 Cape Town. These international treaties are usually called the Cape Town Convention (the CTC).
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2024 / 04 / 03
Gym Plus, Lithuania's largest 24/7 fitness club chain, has acquired VS Fitness, the third largest player. The company bought 8 gyms operated by the former. AVERUS represented the sellers.
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2024 / 04 / 02
The Legal 500 recognised AVERUS as the leading law firm in transport and shipping practice in Lithuania. AVERUS has maintained this position on the market for 8 years. We also earned high rankings in the highly competitive field of dispute resolution.
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2024 / 03 / 12
Career oppurtunity with AVERUS
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2023 / 06 / 07
Our expert Lina Taletaviciute-Misiuniene prepared an overview of the Lithuanian banking sector for CEE Legal Matters
The legal publication CEE legal matters invited our financial law expert, associate partner Lina Taletaviciute-Misiuniene, to share an overview of the regulation of Lithuania's banking and monetary system in 2023.
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2023 / 05 / 24
Lithuanian customs tighten controls for the export of sanctioned goods to third countries
It will take effect from 5 June 2023 and make transit of sanctioned goods through Russia or Belarus nearly impossible.
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2023 / 04 / 13
AVERUS keeps up leadership in the transport and shipping practice area in Lithuania for the seventh year in a row. The firm was also recognized by Legal500 in dispute resolution and employment practices.
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2023 / 03 / 04
We have successfully completed the green energy project - the reorganization of the wind power plants company "Vejo seses".
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2023 / 03 / 01
AVERUS completed a large-scale project - an assessment of institutions' compliance with the requirements of the Law on Payments of the Republic of Lithuania. The project was won by participating in the public tender announced by the Bank of Lithuania.
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2022 / 12 / 12
ECJ bans public access to UBO's data
On 22 November 2022, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled to restrict public access to data on the ultimate beneficial ownership (case C-37/20).
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2022 / 09 / 15
Law Firm AVERUS welcomes Partner Jonas Sakalauskas and Associate Partner Vaidas Rakauskas
The Law Firm AVERUS welcomes two new faces to the team − expert in dispute resolution, international trade, environmental and customs law, Attorney-at-Law Jonas Sakalauskas as Partner and criminal and civil Attorney-at-Law, Vaidas Rakauskas, as Associate Partner. They will strengthen AVERUS’s dispute resolution practice in the field of regulated industries.
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2022 / 06 / 30
AVERUS advised American Fund on the acquisition of Lithuanian IT company
American fund “X5 TG Acquisition Co” has recently closed the deal of acquiring a Lithuanian company providing sales CRM solutions. AVERUS has been consulting the buyer throughout the acquisition and helped complete the deal up to 1 million euros in value.
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2022 / 04 / 14
LEGAL500: AVERUS continues to maintain first-rate reputation in the transport practice area in Lithuania
The world’s leading legal directory The Legal 500 has announced annual rankings of the best law firms in Lithuania. AVERUS has been keeping leadership in the transport arena in Lithuania since 2016. The company was also recognized in labour law, real estate and dispute resolution.
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2022 / 02 / 04
Career: AVERUS Attorney-at-Law Lina Sime became an associate partner
Lina Sime, an expert in real estate law, joined AVERUS partners - she became an associate partner in February. The Attorney-at-Law will continue mentoring Real Estate practice in the AVERUS professional partnership.
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2022 / 02 / 02
AVERUS is looking for a Senior Lawyer or an Attorney-at-Law to join our offices located in Vilnius and Klaipeda
AVERUS is looking for a Senior Lawyer or an Attorney-at-Law to join our offices located in Vilnius and Klaipeda.
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2021 / 07 / 23
AVERUS advised Heston Airlines on the lease of three wide body aircrafts
Heston Airlines has leased three Airbus A330-200’s.
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2021 / 05 / 24
AVERUS assisted in launching a new airline – Heston Airlines shortly to join Lithuanian skies
Last week Heston Airlines was granted an air operators certificate (AOC) from the Lithuanian Transport Competence Agency and intends to launch its charter / wet-lease operations this summer season of 2021. AVERUS has assisted the airline through the process from the company set up procedures, to the negotiation of the first aircraft leases and formation of the strategic alliance with Genesis, the Dublin based aircraft leasing company.
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2021 / 04 / 19
AVERUS recognised a top tier Lithuanian law firm by the international legal directory Legal 500
For the sixth time in a row, the LEGAL 500 has recognised AVERUS as a national leader in shipping, aviation and transport law. It was also recommended in dispute settlement, real estate and employment practise areas rankings in Lithuania.
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2021 / 04 / 15
Lawyer Viaceslav Blasciuk joined Law Firm AVERUS
Starting from today, lawyer Viaceslav Blasciuk joined the Law Firm AVERUS. Legal professional with 20 years of experience has headed the legal departments of AB "Orlen Lietuva" and SE State Forest Enterprise for the last few years.
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2021 / 03 / 26
AVERUS assisted the client in purchasing another helicopter
AVERUS advised the client in acquisition of another used helicopter, involving Latvian and Estonian jurisdiction.
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2021 / 01 / 20
Vaccination Against COVID-19: Will Employers Participate?
The vaccination of medical specialists against COVID-19 is already causing disputes between workers and employers. It is only a matter of time when it reaches other employers as well (shops, educational establishments, beauty salons, etc.). Obviously, a worker cannot be vaccinated without his consent. But there are other legal issues
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2020 / 12 / 07
Airlines’ bankruptcies through Lithuanian history
In 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that 7 December was to be the International Civil Aviation Day. On this occasion, I took a minute to view the Lithuanian aviation history and in particular - the history of the Lithuanian airlines’ bankruptcies (no one said it would be easy).
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2020 / 11 / 26
AVERUS assisted Silberauto and closed the acquisition of high value helicopter in three weeks
The transaction involved drafting of the sale and purchase agreement, negotiation as well as assistance with a UK based escrow agent.
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2020 / 10 / 30
Huge losses after cyber scams intercept the corporate e-mail
When fraudsters intercept a company's e-mail communications, hundreds of thousands of euro worth of orders are fraudulently directed to fraudsters' accounts abroad. A number of companies in Lithuania have faced this situation. Marius Barisevičius, AVERUS lawyer, tells how these fraud schemes look like.
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2020 / 04 / 23
Acquisition of a package of Airbus A321-231 aircrafts
AVERUS has advised the client in the public auction announced by an Asian flag-carrier airline for the acquisition of a package of Airbus A321-231 aircrafts.
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2020 / 04 / 15
Legal 500: AVERUS was recognised as a top tier law firm in Shipping and Transport sector in Lithuania
Legal 500 has announced its annual lawyers' rankings. AVERUS was recognised as a top tier law firm in Shipping and Transport sector in Lithuania.
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2020 / 01 / 24
Airbus A320 sale and lease novation in Vietnam
Law Firm AVERUS has advised the seller in the transaction of sale and lease novation of one Airbus A320-200 aircraft. The aircraft originally leased to Vietnamese airline and operated in Asia, was sold and the lease novated to an Irish based aircraft leasing company.
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2019 / 12 / 13
AVERUS advising in successful Airbus A320-200 acquisition and lease transaction
Law firm AVERUS participated in the role of general legal counsel to the purchaser and lessor of one Airbus A320-200. The client has acquired the aircraft after its operations with a Middle East flag carrier and signed a long term lease agreement with the operator in Asia.
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2019 / 10 / 02
Law firm AVERUS welcomes two new partners onboard
Today two new partners and a lawyer have joined the firm, they will extend the firms employment & corporate and banking & finance practices.
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2019 / 08 / 27
Bankruptcy procedures of the Lietuvos Jūrų Laivininkystė company completed
In August, the bankruptcy procedures of BUAB Lietuvos Jūrų Laivininkystė (LJL) were completed and the company was removed from the Register of Legal Entities.
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2018 / 05 / 23
On 23-26 of May partner Regina Derkintytė – Kaupienė participated in the annual members‘ conference in Malaga.
On 23-26 of May partner Regina Derkintytė – Kaupienė participated in the annual members‘ conference in Malaga. During the conference Regina has delivered presentation on Ship Arrest vs Shipowner‘s Bankruptcy and shared her experience and views on the subject. More than 90 shipping lawyers form over 40 countries took part in this international forum this year. Conference is being held annually and attracts professionals all over the world.
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2018 / 03 / 20
On 20 March 2018 the annual meeting of the members of Klaipeda Association of Industrialists (KAI) took place in Klaipeda whereby the members have elected the new Board. The Board is being formed from 15 representatives of the members who will be devoted to represent interests of the local traders and manufacturers. Partner Regina Derkintyte-Kaupiene has been elected to the Board.
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2018 / 03 / 05
Successful BitDegree ICO after choosing Lithuania as jurisdiction
Right before the end of 2017 BitDegree has achieved their goal and became one of the largest successfully completed initial coin offerings (ICO) done by Lithuanians. BitDegree collected ~20 million Euros for development of complex IT-based and IT-education orientated product.
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2018 / 02 / 21
Kaunas FEZ finishes its record year by landing Continental
We are immensely pleased for and proud about our long time client Kaunas FEZ Management Company who succeeded to finish 2017 by concluding a deal with Continental regarding setting up in Kaunas FEZ. It was a remarkable record year for Kaunas FEZ and they were completed with this significant transaction.
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2017 / 12 / 19
Advising on acquisition of one Boeing 737-800 and lease novation with a Turkish airline
We were advising Heston Aviation in acquiring one used Boeing 737-800 from a Japanese partnership. Aircraft was with lease attached, airline being a Turkish company.
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2017 / 12 / 15
Advising on USD 40 Million aircraft package acquisition transaction
We were advising Magnetic MRO, an Estonian aviation technical care, maintenance and asset management organisation, which recently completed the acquisition of a major pool of Boeing 737-800 airframes and CFM56-7B engines (4 airframes, 10 engines).
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2017 / 12 / 14
Norwegian furniture manufacturer IMG Group is landing in Panevezys FEZ
Averus advised Panevėžys Free Economic Zone Management Company on transaction with Norwegian furniture manufacturer IMG Group regarding its operations in Panevėžys FEZ.
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2017 / 11 / 09
Advising on one Airbus 320-200 sale and lease novation
We were advising a Cypriot client, an owner and lessor of one Airbus 320-200 aircraft in an aircraft sale transaction to US origin investment fund. The value of the deal USD 12,5 Million.
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2017 / 10 / 06
2017 is indeed a very active and productive year for our client Kaunas Free Economic Zone Management Company.
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2017 / 09 / 25
AVERUS Partners Included in the List of Lobbyists
Upon the decision of the Chief Official Ethics Commission (COEC), Raimondas Kivylius and Regina Derkintytė-Kaupienė, the partners of AVERUS Klaipėda Office, were included in the List of Lobbyists on 13 September 2017. Whereas on 20 September 2017, Povilas Karlonas and Laura Čereškaitė-Kinčiuvienė, the partners of Vilnius Office, joined the team of lobbyists.
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2017 / 07 / 13
A conference on ship arrest was held in St. Petersburg
On July 6-8 partner Regina Derkintyte-Kaupiene participated in the international conference on ship arrest in Sankt Petersburg.
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2017 / 07 / 10
World's leading automotive component manufacturer is to invest in Kaunas FEZ
Averus’ team has advised Kaunas Free Economic Zone Management Company in transaction with one of the largest Kaunas FEZ investors in recent years – Hella.
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2017 / 05 / 22
The client concludes a deal for nearly 1000 ha land lease
Averus’ team successfully represented a group of agro-business companies regarding lease of nearly 1000 ha of agricultural land.
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2017 / 04 / 28
Partner Regina Derkintyte-Kaupiene has been elected to the Board of the Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce
On 25 April 2017 General Assembly of the Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce has been convened. During the Assembly election of the Board for the next cadency of four years took place. Partner Regina Derkintyte-Kaupiene has been elected to the Board.
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2017 / 04 / 13
AVERUS improves its rankings in the Legal 500
One of the leading and most prestigious legal directories the Legal 500 has announced its 2017 EMEA rankings. We are proud that AVERUS not only improved its last year rankings, but in addition got acknowledged and recommended for its employment practice.
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2017 / 04 / 12
AVERUS remains among top real estate law firms
Leading legal directory Chambers Europe announced its annual Lithuanian law firm rankings. We are pleased to know that AVERUS remains among the best and most recommended law firms in Lithuania for real estate transactions.
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2017 / 03 / 07
Client won the financial factoring services case in the Supreme Court
AVERUS team has successfully completed representation of the client UAB „Rietavo veterinarinė sanitarija“ against Ukio Bank regarding provision of financial factoring services and return of factoring reserve.
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2017 / 02 / 23
KLASCO litigation successfully completed in the Supreme Court
The largest Lithuanian stevedoring company KLASCO, represented by Averus team, successfully completed a dispute regarding payment of debt for provided stevedoring services.
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2017 / 01 / 23
LEF2017 - exclusive and the first in Lithuania business and export professional conference is dedicated to both starting export companies and successfully abroad operating companies.
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2016 / 09 / 07
AVERUS advises on industrial property sale and lease-back transaction
AVERUS advised UAB Pramones turtas and UAB Advantec Lietuva on entering into the sale and lease-back transaction regarding their industrial buildings, located in Klaipeda FEZ.
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2016 / 07 / 14
The largest manufacturing complex in Lithuania is planned to be Marijampole FEZ
Marijampole FEZ Management Company, Marijampole Municipality and Denmark’s leading windows and doors manufacturer “Dovista”, owning such brands as Velfac and Rational, signed investment, land sublease, infrastructure and other agreement regarding development of manufacturing complex in Marijampole free economic zone (Marijampole FEZ). This might be one of the largest foreign direct investments in Lithuania to manufacturing industry in the past 20 years.
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2016 / 05 / 13
KLASCO wins the case in the Court of Appeals
AVERUS has successfully represented the interests of KLASCO, the largest Lithuanian stevedoring company, before the Court of Appeals regarding payment of debt for the stevedoring services. The dispute between KLASCO and one of its clients began when KLASCO’s client refused to pay a fee for undischarged obligation to ensure minimum volume of cargo.
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2016 / 04 / 26
AVERUS is ranked among the best Lithuanian law firms in real estate
Chambers Europe ranked AVERUS among 10 best law firm in Lithuania specialising in real estate. Chambers Europe has been ranking law firms for many years based on comments and feedback received from clients and peers. This year AVERUS was included among the most recommended 10 law firms in Lithuania.
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2016 / 04 / 25
AVERUS is the best Shipping & Transport law firm in Lithuania by the Legal 500 2016
AVERUS moved up in the latest Lithuanian law firms’ rankings announced by the prestigious international legal directory the Legal 500 earlier this month. AVERUS is recognized as Tier 1 law firm in Shipping & Transport which puts AVERUS among the best Lithuanian law firms in this sector. AVERUS’ Real Estate and Dispute Resolution practices also have recorded the best results in the rankings ever – AVERUS climbed from Tier 4 to Tier 3 in Real Estate & Construction and Dispute Resolution practice areas.
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2016 / 04 / 05
Successful representation in the factoring case
AVERUS has successfully represented the interest of UAB “Rietavo veterinarinė sanitarija” in the case against BAB “Ūkio bankas” regarding provision of financial factoring services.
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2016 / 04 / 05
AVERUS acted for M14 Invest on acquisition of real estate complex in Vilnius
Our long-time client UAB “M14 Invest” continues to build its real estate portfolio and development projects, and acquired to real estate complexes in Vilnius: a complex consisting of more than 10 buildings, located at Sodų street, and the commercial building with more than 30,000 sq.m. area, located at Pelesos street. AVERUS involvement in the project included drafting of the transaction documentation, performance of the legal due diligence of the property, representation of the client in negotiations with the sellers and advising on development and construction legal matters.
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2016 / 04 / 05
Successful representation of Northtown Technology Park in a dispute regarding performance of the joint venture agreement
AVERUS has successfully represented the interest of Northtown Technology Park in a dispute with joint venture partner regarding false performance of the contract and payment of the debt. The client has entered into the joint venture agreement with his partner Assocation of Alytus County Businesses regarding participation in a project which was funded by the EU funds.
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