Kaunas FEZ finishes its record year by landing Continental
2018 / 02 / 21

We are immensely pleased for and proud about our long time client Kaunas FEZ Management Company who succeeded to finish 2017 by concluding a deal with Continental regarding setting up in Kaunas FEZ. It was a remarkable record year for Kaunas FEZ and they were completed with this significant transaction. In 2017 Kaunas FEZ was chosen by such sector leaders like Hella, Hollister, Freda, Axis Industries, UPS, etc. for their expansion.
Continental intends to invest around 95 mEUR and create 1000 new jobs in more than 13 ha area in Kaunas FEZ. Averus’ team advised and represented our client in negotiations with Continental regarding setting up in Kaunas FEZ, execution of land sublease and infrastructure agreements, drafted transaction documents. We have happy that transaction was completed within a short deadlines which were requested both by Kaunas FEZ and Continental. The deal required very well planned and coordinated works and cooperation between both counterparties.
The project was led by partner Povilas Karlonas.

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